New Trading Instruments: Crypto, Indices, and Energy

Posted at 15 February 2023 / Categories FirewoodFX Company News

Dear Trader, 
We are glad to announce the addition of new trading instruments to our platform. FirewoodFX is now offering the opportunity to trade in a variety of new markets including cryptocurrencies, indices, and energy.
In the cryptocurrency space, FirewoodFX has added two of the most popular digital assets - BTCUSD and ETHUSD - to its platform, providing clients with exposure to the volatile and fast-moving world of crypto trading.
For those interested in trading indices, FirewoodFX has added the US30 (Dow Jones), SPX500, and NAS100 (Nasdaq) to its list of instruments. These well-known indices track the performance of the US stock market, providing traders with the ability to take advantage of market movements and potentially profit from their predictions.
Finally, FirewoodFX has also added energy trading to its list of instruments. Clients can now trade USOIL, providing exposure to the oil market and the ability to take advantage of fluctuations in this highly traded commodity.
To see the trading specifications for each instrument, please visit the company's website here. To determine how much USD is required margin for each pair and how much USD is the value per pip for each pair, the company provides a margin calculator.
With the addition of these new instruments, FirewoodFX is continuing to expand its offerings and provide its clients with access to a wider range of trading opportunities.
Kind regards,
FirewoodFX Team

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